Expo: the future is invisible

Project management and art direction of The future is invisible expo by MAMDT, in Serbia, Belgrade, during the Resonate festival. 

expo theme:
We are living in interesting times. While we are rapidly depleting what’s left of the earth’s resources and our established systems prove to be inadequate. We are simultaneously developing technology, knowledge and insights that can spark a new revolution. 

The advancements that influence our direct and distant future are invisible. Some literally (like nanotechnology), others because they are so interwoven (e.g. global temperature).

The artists in this exhibition experiment with the concept invisibility of the future.  Works range from breaking down materials into nano particles over explaining our current view of the atomic world through egytian mythology to nanocrystals which contain the data about the current status quo of the world.

All artists are part of the Maastricht Academy of Media, Design and Technology (MAMDT) or are affiliated with it. They use a broad range of media, collaborating over different fields and disciplines. You can expect prints, video, interactive installations and digital art.