Dr. Tom Luyten was born on May 17th 1987 in Vorst Laakdal, Belgium. He is currently active as media artist. He teaches research, prototyping and creative coding at the Maastricht Institute of Arts  and is co-founder of RipperDocs, a company that produces stage masks and other custom interactive hardware for the music industry.

Tom has always been interested in the idealism and aesthetics of counterculture and the promising possibilities of technology. To let people see and experience the beauty, aesthetics and the warmth hidden in technology, algorithms and machines have been the driving factor in all his endeavors. These interests resulted in applying for a Master’s education in ‘Communication- and Multimedia Design’ at LUCA school of arts in Genk. His master thesis, titled “the interactive multi-sensory room” connected the disciplines of art and design with technology and health care, a trifecta that would define the rest of his career.

I believe in unleashing the power of the machine. Working side by side with it, blurring the boundaries between tool and creator.

Tom Luyten

After graduating cum laude in 2010, Tom started his own studio and became a lecturer at the Maastricht Institute of Arts ,at the Zuyd University of Applied Science. In 2019 he successfully defended his PhD thesis “The Art of Feeling connected” on the topic of “interactive art in elderly care” at Maastricht University.

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