Private artist series

Private clothing is a Belgian-based livestyle brand with its roots in youth- and boardculture. They have strong DIY ethic and make a strong point about producing their clothing in a fair and sustainable way. This collaboration focussed on the fall collection.

The design was completely drawn by algorithm: the individual leaves as well as the overall composition around the logo. Private has a long standing tradition in weird titles for their shirts and clothing,

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my ears hang low

Bunny illustration for the announcement of a new born. A digital illustration aiming for an analog feel and print offset.

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Fish to the bone

A T-shirt illustration for a skateshop that has the name “Fishbone”, depicting a zombie-like creature that has a Fishbone spine, that shows while he pulls of his own head.

A commision for Private snowboard apparel.








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More than meets the eye

take a closer look

More than meets the eye” is a series of portraits of people from a minority group.  On the top part of the portraits, there is  part of a statement added.

The statement can be completed by posting a tweet.  When the portraits are viewed through a digital “viewer” the opinions of the people who twittered become visible.  This way it is possible to look at someone through someone else’s digital eyes.

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