Interactive (art) installations as experience oriented care technology

We all know the image of an older man/woman sitting on the front porch or looking trough the window to passers-by. When they get transfered to an elderly care facility, their world gets smaller in an instant.

VENSTER is a digital window that shows places that are known and familiar for the elderly. It mimicks the initial situation and augments it. It has an intuitive interface to switch content and even one-on-one communication can take place (e.g.

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Virtual opera

Le tableau parlant

With the help of  3 students we setup experiments on how this virtual singer would be best represented during the opera.  In the end we developed a mask wherein we projected the pre-recorded face of the opera singer.

The images of the singer where controlled by computer on wich a performer pressed the buttons at the right time.  This first experiment was done in collaboration with Peter Missotten,

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