VENSTER was developed by Tom Luyten during his PhD studies at Maastricht University. International publications are available concerning the co-design of VENSTER as well as the effects VENSTER has on a group of elderly who live in a care home, guided by a non-professional caregiver.

VENSTER has now been commercially continued as Rraam and is available for purchase.

We all know the image of an older man/woman sitting on the front porch or looking trough the window to passers-by. When they get transferred to an elderly care facility, their world changes and gets smaller in an instant. VENSTER is a digital window that shows places that are known and familiar for the elderly. It mimics the initial situation and augments it and has an intuitive interface to switch content.

VENSTER deliberately does not give extra information about what is seen, because the results suggest it stimulates dialogue between residents.

Client Vensterr
Year 2015
Services Installation Design, Research