When you look at the light

The people behind the data

All 3 compositions of the work show a large amount of leaves or sparks that trigger the association of a flower, an explosion and the iris of an eye.

The amount of leaves represents the amount of conversations that have taken place in 2018, 2019 and 2020 through the Belgian suicide hotline. In a conversation like that, different topics are discussed. These topics generally are either positive (blue) or negative (orange). The terms used are sheltering factors and risk factors.

Because it is unclear how many individual topics are discussedin an individual conversation, Tom Chose to equally distribute the blue and orange over the composition. The different shades of blue and orange indicate different topics that were discussed.

The compositions are composed based on data pulled out of the year reports of the centre that prevents suicide.

  • In 2018 14.287 conversations took place
  • In 2019 18.452 conversations took place
  • In 2020 23.614 conversations took place