dynamic identity BETER

dynamic identity BETER dynamic identity BETER

BETER programs are combined lifestyle interventions that consist of an exercise (BEweeg), nutrition (eeT) and behavioral (verandER) component. These components are inextricably linked. In the BETER program, participants receive personalized advice to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle and then continue independently. This is why BETER programs focus on self-management and self-management.

Since BETER works with 5 sub-types of people to determine what lifestyle changes would suit them best, and that the composition of your sub-type changes when you start working on yourself, they needed a dynamic identity to reflect this. The BETER identity shows a flock of small dots interacting with each other. They are a resilient system. You can distort it, but it will bounce back. Furthermore, the colors signify the different sub-types.

A web version of this visual is used by the coaches to explain the BETER concept to clients and to illustrate the changes they go through during the program.

Client Beter
Year 2020
Services Dynamic Identity Design