Rraam is the commercial continuation of the Venster project. In collaboration with h2oSonic. The commercial website can be found here: http://www.vensterr.nl

Rraam is a virtual window that connects people who live in an (elderly care) institution with interesting and familiar places. It is a place to visit, to reminisce and talk or to just sit and do nothing, with the pleasant distraction of moving people and things in the background. It provides content for conversation and it is often the go-to place to spend time together or alone. There is no need for additional support from a caregiver to enjoy Rraam. Rraam switches content automatically based on the time of day (morning, middag and evening/night). If you’d like to change what you’re looking at, just pull the string attached to the blinds!

Rraams’ video content is filmed in such a way that it is interesting, without being over exciting. There’s something to discover on every cognitive level. Imagine an early morning market, animals orĀ  children playing. It mimics looking out an actual window. You can focus on the details that are happening, or you can gaze at the whole.

Every instance of Rraam is unique. The physical surroundings inside the building as well as the local preferences for content are taken into account when setting up Rraam. There is a tight dialogue between us, the staff and the people living in the institution before, during and after we deliver the project.

Client Vensterr
Year 2021
Services research, conceptual and technical development