Warface helmet

Hardstyle act “Warface” needed an update of his helmet. Challenge: he needed to see what he was doing, while the eyes of the helmet displayed bright animations.

The helmet was developed by PCiD, at the Qeske community.

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Lenco-MD is the record player of the 21st century. It is 3D printed, modularand made of renewable green
materials. The Lenco-MD rethinks the classic concept of the record
player. Although its design is inspired by classic Lenco record players,
its characteristics are not. It is built by you, 3D printed, modular,
feature rich, community driven, upgradable and mainly made of renewable
resources. All this with great audio quality and an aesthetic design.

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Private artist series

Private clothing is a Belgian-based livestyle brand with its roots in youth- and boardculture. They have strong DIY ethic and make a strong point about producing their clothing in a fair and sustainable way. This collaboration focussed on the fall collection.

The design was completely drawn by algorithm: the individual leaves as well as the overall composition around the logo. Private has a long standing tradition in weird titles for their shirts and clothing,

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From dream to reality

The dreamcatcher collection portrays an abstract circle of feathers that resembles the handmade willow hoop which catches bad dreams.

Digital print on 80×80cm canvas, limited to 10 pieces
Created with Processing

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Interactive art in dementia care

Multi sensory stimulation is being used in an elderly home to stimulate and relax people who suffer from dementia. The aesthetics of those rooms, however, are often childish. Morgendauw is multisensory module, designed with the aesthetics of an interactive artwork.
Interactive installation,

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Strong mom & me

Strong bond, strong body

Realisation of a complete visual identity for strong mom and me, a fitness concept where mothers and their babies or toddlers can work out together. This job included the design of the logo, merchandise and art direction of the video content.

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Expo: the future is invisible

Project management and art direction of The future is invisible expo by MAMDT, in Serbia, Belgrade, during the Resonate festival. 

expo theme:
We are living in interesting times. While we are rapidly depleting what’s left of the earth’s resources and our established systems prove to be inadequate. We are simultaneously developing technology,

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Turning Point

in his book “the meaning of the 21st century”, James Martin states: “There are massive problems in the decades ahead. The public is aware of some of the effects of global warming and climate change. There are many other megaproblems, some more dangerous or debilitating. The good news is that there are solutions.”

Tom used a selection of the raw data and the Processing programming environment to generate visual representations of the rise in global temperature,

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Devour record

Devour is a straight-edge hardcore punk band from Belgium. Their sound is inspired by 90’s era metalcore bands like Earth Crisis and Disembodied. The artwork of “defiant until the end” depicts a turbulent, abstract spiral, hinting towards the end times.

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Paradise birds

Paradise birds series is a generative artwork, inspired by the flight of a bird. No graphical elements were created by (digital) hand. This work is completely built with code, using the open source programming software Processing.


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Interactive (art) installations as experience oriented care technology

We all know the image of an older man/woman sitting on the front porch or looking trough the window to passers-by. When they get transfered to an elderly care facility, their world gets smaller in an instant.

VENSTER is a digital window that shows places that are known and familiar for the elderly. It mimicks the initial situation and augments it. It has an intuitive interface to switch content and even one-on-one communication can take place (e.g.

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Slope boardshop

Biker aesthetics

Logo developed for Slope Boardshop in Tessenderlo, Belgium. Heavily inspired by backpatch biker aesthetics.

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In code we trust

In code we trust

The “in code we trust” series are all siblings of one generative work. It starts out with a rectangular or circular grid, filled with lines or dots, that is distorted semi-randomly by the computer

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my ears hang low

Bunny illustration for the announcement of a new born. A digital illustration aiming for an analog feel and print offset.

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Island series

I am a rock, I am an island

The island series depict distorted)island-like sculptures, build up using a very low-poly triangular mesh. They are not digitally drawn, but programmed with the Processing environment. A system of rules is set in place, in which the computer can randomly take decisions and generate an outcome. Therefore, every outcome is different.


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It’s written in the stars

Stellar is inspired by constellations of stars, abstracted using primitive shapes and points. They are not digitally drawn, but programmed with the Processing environment. A system of rules is set in place, in which the computer can randomly take decisions and generate an outcome. Therefore, every outcome is different.

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Circular triangles

Full circle

The cirular triangles serie places pseudo 3d triangles in a circular or vortex-like composition. 3 fixed colors are randomly distributed. They are not digitally drawn, but programmed with the Processing environment. A system of rules is set in place, in which the computer can randomly take decisions and generate an outcome. Therefore, every outcome is different.

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Fish to the bone

A T-shirt illustration for a skateshop that has the name “Fishbone”, depicting a zombie-like creature that has a Fishbone spine, that shows while he pulls of his own head.

A commision for Private snowboard apparel.








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The obtrusive ball

Physical interactive games

The obtrusive ball is an interactie platform , consisting of ball that can sense movement.  This system works without external controls.  The end goal is to create a ball that is capable of playing different kinds of interactive games in real life (like tag, for instance).  The project has come to a stop at prototype number 5, due to lack of further funding.  It may resurface when sufficient funds are found.

Please take a look at the pictures and movies documenting the proces and have a look at the short item the Belgian press dedicated to it.

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More than meets the eye

take a closer look

More than meets the eye” is a series of portraits of people from a minority group.  On the top part of the portraits, there is  part of a statement added.

The statement can be completed by posting a tweet.  When the portraits are viewed through a digital “viewer” the opinions of the people who twittered become visible.  This way it is possible to look at someone through someone else’s digital eyes.

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Help.Japan shirt

creative data visualisation

This shirt design was created using the open source software Processing.  I used Processing to collect the data of this database, which contains the magnitude of the largest earthquakes in Japan over the last 33 years.

This data was used to create a visually pleasing composition using the national Japanese flag as center piece, with bits of concentric circles representing the magnitude of the respective earthquakes.

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Virtual opera

Le tableau parlant

With the help of  3 students we setup experiments on how this virtual singer would be best represented during the opera.  In the end we developed a mask wherein we projected the pre-recorded face of the opera singer.

The images of the singer where controlled by computer on wich a performer pressed the buttons at the right time.  This first experiment was done in collaboration with Peter Missotten,

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