Virtual opera

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Virtual opera

Le tableau parlant

With the help of  3 students we setup experiments on how this virtual singer would be best represented during the opera.  In the end we developed a mask wherein we projected the pre-recorded face of the opera singer.

The images of the singer where controlled by computer on wich a performer pressed the buttons at the right time.  This first experiment was done in collaboration with Peter Missotten, Joost Steltenpool, Fréderique Chauvet, Opera Zuid, Joel Theelen, Miquel Steps and Christopher Ankomah.

After the succes of the first virtual opera trial, Opera Zuid and C-md decided to do a full opera.  This time the virtual singer is projected inside a large goat head. Along with some students I created the plastic goat by making a cardboard model using a laser cutter (thanks to Fablab zuid limburg).  Also the controls and the projections were developed by C-md students under my guidance.

thanks to Céline Teheux, Mirthe Bakermans, Roel Geurts, Melvin van Liebergen, Peter Misotten, Fablab Zuid Limburg, Gulia Tubia, Nynke vanden Bergh and opera Zuyd.


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